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September 11, 2007


Adrian McEwen

I did 50 weeks without a car a few years ago after the engine blew in my M3. Not completely deliberately, it was just a non-trivial thing to fix and my initial "it'll just mean I cycle more for a month or so" ended up longer than I thought.

It wasn't too much of a hardship, but I think living in Cambridge (UK) helped as travelling by bike is often the quickest way to get around even if you do have a car.

Buying heavy or bulky items was the main time it was a real problem. And visiting people away from Cambridge could be a pain - it was my impending trip back to my parents' village for Christmas that finally prompted getting the car fixed.

I did consider getting rid of it for good, but decided I enjoy driving too much and that they are convenient for when you need to transport a lot of stuff. It's just one of the last options I choose if my journey is less than 8 miles.


In communities that are big and remote such as those up north of Canada I do not think that giving car/ truck is possible. But we can still enhance everyone's awareness of the amount of emission he/ she is generating by visualizing it in terms of a geographical area: Joshua M. Pearce, Sara J. Johnson, and Gabriel B. Grant, "3D-Mapping Optimization of Embodied Energy of Transportation", Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 51 pp. 435-453, 2007.

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