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July 19, 2006



recyling makes it hard to wipe your tooshie


how is this a con????


this is no help just don't do it again completly useless


hey, u guys want 2 know a con? When you melt the recyclable materials, it creates Co2. Also, smoke gets into the air making slightly less polluted than if a company were to make new products. In addition, recycling use large amounts of energy to transport, clean, and remanufacture.

joe jackson

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Lindsey dropped jared like a hot tamalie and now she misses him and needs his bod. recycling is cool. and lindseys a bad girl amnd her mom is "veery niceee"

polution is cool

Recycling is one more bucket you have to drag to the curb. Who cares its just the earth

Niel Armstrong

I dont care about the earth. i live on the moon

aaron wannabe

u are all dumb motherfuckers




Recycling is good for the economy! But it IS deadly! It gets into the soil and the water which can contaminate our food! I'm not saying don't but think about the pollution it is causing!!!!!!!!!

One Green Mama

You are an idiot. Yes recycling does create pollution and carbon emission, and it does require energy. However, that energy is much less than the energy required to extract raw materials from the Earth, haul them around, and create products from virgin goods. And sure, there is a lot of space on Earth that we COULD put trash. But I don't want to live next to a trash heap, do you? I want open space and wilderness areas and would prefer not to hike on a mound of crap. And as far as telling everyone they should eat at McDonald's every meal? Are you CRAZY? Do you honestly think that raising hormone laden beef that pollutes our water, transporting it across the country with fossil fuels, and then having millions of McDonald's with lights on and consuming every 20 hours of the day is really more environmentally friendly than buying some local food and cooking it at your home? And what about all of the fast-food related illnesses, like diabetes, that are sweeping the nation? Do you think that doesn't have an economic and environmental impact on the world? I hope no one who reads this takes you seriously. Buying less was the only thing you said that made any sense.


OMG! this article is rediculous! it's not even about looking into the future at renewable sorces to see if we will run out of them anytime soon!If we dont recycle even the renewable sorces we will be living in our own garbage! It will fill every space we have on earth! And i ahve to agree i dont want to be living next to a garbage heap!

Lyn Andrews

recyling helps secure jobs and is good for the economy it also reduces alot ofenviroment destruction. but on the negitive side. when factories recyle the need fuel and energy for machinary, so they cause pollution. in my opion recyling is good. but it can be bad for the enviroment.


I don't think that majority of people realize that this planet is the only one that we have to live on. We have no other place to go. Many think that the problem will just fix itself, or that they'll be dead before it gets worse so they don't have to worry, or do anything, about it. That's wrong. First off, you need to take responsibilites for your actions which includes taking care of our home, Earth; a person not helping is one less in slowlying down the harm. In fact it's helping to speed up the problem. Second, why this world? Why do we live in such times? Is it because we've advanced as human beings, because we're more intelligent than animals? What happened to living in and with Nature? The human race has become so dependent on what they have now, that when, or if, the time comes when all of it stops working they won't know what they need to survive in our natural world. Recycling does do harm to the enviromet but it's a smaller harm than making things from scratch. The small chance that we can help the planet is enough to try, isn't it?

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