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December 18, 2005


Francis Scully

I'm with you there. I live in an appartment complex where the hallway lights are constantly being left on. Seems no matter what I do, someone always goes to the bathroom after I go to bed and leaves the light on the entire night.

I'll tape slips of paper on their locked room doors saying stuff like "how much dioxin did your light bulb's energy use release into the environment today..." yet it still persists. Reaching a landlord with requests of switching to renewable energy can be as difficult as petitioning oil companies to stop global climate change immediately, and having them actually care.

To think of the ludicrousness of having a refrigerator indoors during the winter in Maine... It's like eating ice cream in a blizzard, lol. I always walk by lots of gas stations and see their locked ice box sitting outside in the middle of winter, completely insulated with a cooling device attatched! LOL

I guess it's all about picking battles; though picking battles often conjures up a vagueness. Organic fair trade bananas are most likely sustainably produced as possible while ensuring a livable wage, but releases x amount of CO2 to ship it thousands of miles. It'd be nice to know that you are funding fair trade workers who will use that money to buy stuff in their local economy on goods and services that factor in sustainability and keeping the rest of their people away from poverty; but it's hard to know.

I used to buy lots and lots of lots of organic olive oil since it's supposed to be a pretty healthy oil, but have since tried finding alternatives; like local organic free range butter... Probably not AS healthy for me, but a heck of allot less unhealthy for the ecological environment. Though an alternative to bananas, that's a little more difficult, lol.

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