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November 15, 2005



Ignoring the cost of our decisions is part of the psychological compartmentalization we as a species have to do to get along in our life. Having to consider every action in terms of its cost and consequences would be crippling.

I subscribe to the Monkeysphere view of the problem:

Underneath that essay's acidic tone is a great deal of truth.

But there's a real problem of perception. The price of goods in our society doesn't reflect their true cost with respect to ecological impact. If ecological "footprint" could assessed and applied to prices, a great deal of our harmful activity would come to an end in short order.

I think we should start talking about what price we want to put on good health and a clean environment.

Curt Rosengren

You've got some good points, anon, and I'm looking forward to digging into that Monkeysphere site further. It looks interesting.

While it's definitely true that we simply can't process and absorb all of that, I do think there is a lot of potential for us to do much better than we currently do, without its being "crippling."

It's not about feeling the emotion behind the negative impact of our decisions all the time - that would be crippling - but making it personally relevant enough that we stop and think before doing things on auto-pilot with no thought to the end result.

And re taking the ecological footprint into account, I would like to see that reflected as well. The big question is, "How?"

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