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May 23, 2007




Great post. Setting audacious and achievable goals are something that I struggle with. Although I've tried countless methods to prompt my thinking (i.e., what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?) I seem to be stuck "inside the box." Any suggestions for expanding my vision so it includes audacious goals?

Matthew Cornell

I really love the idea of audacity. Keith Ferrazzi talks about the "genius of audacity" and encourages us to never be afraid to ask for something ('no' is the worst outcome). But we should lead with generosity, establish a level of intimacy, *then* ask...

I've tried some things that felt audacious, some of which panned out, others that didn't. (Example: I offered to teach David Allen's staff GTD concepts! :-)

Good stuff!

Everything Counts

Chalking out a definite path is an absolute necessary to success. Setting up goals help us define this path. All that we now need is to honor these goals and do our best to achieve them. If we honor them by achieving them in definite time, they automatically lead us to success and as we all know nothing succeeds like success.

Everything Counts

Diana Scharf Hunt says "Goals are dreams with deadlines". So, set your goals and start working on the ways to achieve them. Your goal can be as basic as to learn driving or losing body weight. But make sure the goal you are working for is something you really want, not just something that sounds good.

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