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March 21, 2007


Working Girl

Hmmm. You say potahto, I say potayto?

You say it's all about curiosity, I say it's all about power!

The good kind, of course. Lack of power leads to stress. Feelings of powerfulness lead to satisfaction, accomplishment, and joy.

Just a thought.

Lisa Braithwaite

If only I were LESS curious. Every day I'm overwhelmed with mysteries of "whys" and "hows" and "what ifs."

In fact, my husband and I often get into arguments because of differences of opinion regarding the "why" or "how" of something. Mind you, we are arguing not over who's right or wrong, because we don't have the answer (we're usually drivng somewhere, out of reach of Google), but over whose speculation makes the most sense.

Two overly curious people can have some really dumb arguments.


Curiosity is one of the greatest gifts we can have, and it is all up to us to grab hold of it.
-Working Girl, I know where you're coming from on that, if I could only turn off the curiosity once and a while I might not be such a space cadet at times.
I would love to post to this article if that is alright. In the blog that I have recently started I am trying to focus on positive energy and possibilities. This will fit in perfectly.

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