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January 17, 2007


Mark Sicignano

Curt, At my previous job, on my monitor I had taped about 5-6 fortunes from fortune cookies on my monitor.

Occasionally my mind wandered into "what am I still doing here?" territory, I would look at the words of advice or encouragement that were there.

I don't have them in front of me now, but they were things along the lines of, "you will take a risk and be rewarded" or "a great opportunity will present itself soon" or "you have earned an important persons respect".

Even on days were I became depressed, they would offer a diversions and make me realize that good stuff was still happening in my life, and I could think about the fact that I should probably make something of the opportunities and not be afraid of taking risks, and I would think about having lunch or being around people who seemed to respect me.

Perhaps they worked like daily affirmations for me, but eventually, I had dinner with somebody who I guess respected me, he told me he wanted to know if I wanted to get involved in starting up a venture with him, and I found it hard to resist. I'd never been a big risk taker previously, and when people would hear me tell them about what I was doing, they'd say, "Wow!", and I'd say, "I can't really explain it. I even surprised myself".

I took the fortunes with me and laminated them into a little card that sits near my desk in my new office.

Pas B

Golden Dragon Fortune Cookies in Chicago.

Excellent taste, but much more important, the best fortunes (in both quality and quantity) I have ever encountered. They supply a significant number of Chicago area restaurants; when you're in the area, you're likely to run across them.

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