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December 31, 2006



Hi Curt! Happy New Year. I am inspired by you but I've been away for a while. I'm glad I came back to read especially that one line: what differece do you want to make?


Curt Rosengren

Thanks Jo. Good to have you back. :-)


Hi Curt,

Its nice to hear from a “Passion catalyst”. I was looking for one last year! Let me tell you what I have achieved so far.

After working in IT for 20 years, I slowly realized that the rug was being pulled away from under me! Most of my projects disappeared over time to other countries and I ended up in Marketing, failing miserably because I knew too much about the products and their defects :-)

After a few anxious weeks, I decided to give up and search for my passion. I signed up for yoga classes and had to actually learn to relax again and think clearly without looming deadlines clouding my brain.

Roaming around websites like this one, I found a lot of information on relaxation meditation techniques at which helped me to find my meditation style as well as what I really wanted out of life.

Meditation has really helped me sort out my goals and has given me the serenity to face the future while doing what I love, creative writing! Finally, my mind is at peace.

You have found an honorable calling and I am sure your passion will be an inspiration to many of us!

Let us dare to Dream!


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