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December 30, 2006



This is one question that we all need to ask several times a year.

Nearly every time I do it, I find at least one inadvertent contradiction between something that makes me happy and something that I want to accomplish.

Finding the contradiction forces me to evaluate the goal, how important it is to me, how it can be managed in a way that allows me to reach the goal without sacrificing the contentment. It also forces me to re-examine the point of contentment, whether it's something "legitimate" or whether it's just a comfortable rut, whether it's something I hold onto because it helps me maintain something essential in my life or if I hold onto out of fear of moving on.

Excellent series, Curt.

Curt Rosengren

Seeing those contradictions sure can be powerful, can't it. It really forces you to re-evaluate the choices you're making.

Even if you decide to make the same choice, at least you're doing it with your eyes wide open and not by default.

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