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June 17, 2006




I enjoyed your story about the phone call you dreaded making and how these contacts you've made have helped you.

I'm in that situation now. I had a frustrating week in my job search last week because I didn't see many online help wanted ads. Then it hit me that I need to work on building my network and calling people rather than the passive thing and just waiting to respond to ads. I did some informational interviewing several years ago and I remember how these contacts snowballed into more contacts. I need to do this again and fortunately I have quite a few people on my list to call. It is time for me to be more aggressive on my search and "make things happen."

I also think that stretching our comfort zones is so important and as we get older it gets more difficult.



This is truly an excellent point. I'm in a new job now (about 3 months) and a great many things have been outside my comfort zone. I haven't taken the opportunity, however, to reflect on how this has made me grow. I'll certainly incorporate the "How did you reach outside your comfort zone?" question in my weekly reviews. Thanks for the post!

Alan Pritt

Again, mid-twenties, job searching, having to make calls I'm not comfortable with.

But I already know what it's like to expand my comfort zone. I used to be afraid of making routine calls to do such things as pay bills or make general enquiries. Before that I even found calling friends a scary prospect. Now I don't think about it; I just do it.

Probably few were ever as bad as I was, but I do believe I've almost caught up with the majority and will soon begin to overtake.

Actually I have to. If I don't I'll always wonder what could have been.

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