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June 01, 2006



The distinction of living in one of three zones provided an opportunity for reflection this weekend. After being laid off from a job of 8 years, I found myself in a new job six weeks later. Everything is different -- independent contracting instead of being direct staff, different kind of writing, less writing and more project management, different industry altogether, different pace. Very little is the same.

While I'm not in what's been dubbed "the anxiety zone," I certainly haven't been in comfort zone. Your posting made me realize where I am living right now -- the learning zone. I'm learning something new every day. Each day, I take a small step toward pushing my career in a different direction, one that plays to my strengths and interests better than my previous stop on the career path. Taking a step back, looking at things with a fresh perspective, and realizing that an implosion is not pending, alleviates anxiety and restores some sense of comfort. I've been in intensive learning zones before...and have always come out much further ahead than I could ever have imagined.

The posting of this article, Curt, after your "advice to new graduates" entry is well-timed. New graduates should realize that they're not out of their learning zone just because they just graduated. In fact, they're just starting a new cycle in it.


Great advise I wish I was younger to start a new career.Life has passed me by I am afraid.

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