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May 31, 2006


Improve Your Mind

Heh, he says that the points are ordered by importance, which I found debatable. I'd put persistence and talent higher in the list.

Curt Rosengren

As I see it, I'd say the first four are all pretty close in importance, so persistence could just as easily rank higher (and I think self-esteem actually feeds the persistence and ability to take risks, so I'm not sure if that is separate from them).

But I agree with talent being the last one. The world is full of incredibly talented people who have done zippo with their talent.

Except in rare occasions, odds are good that someone with average talent (note that that is different than *no* talent) who has the other seven keys is probably going to do better than someone with exceptional talent who, for example, will never take any risks, or hasn't tapped into the potential of others to support what they're doing.


I agree, Curt. Cautiousness (or outright risk aversion) and low self-esteem will derail anyone...even if they have a lot of passion and talent.

Self-esteem -- or, rather, the lack thereof -- undermines EVERYTHING. You don't believe in yourself enough to take a risk. You don't believe in yourself enough to ask "who you know" for help. Have a low enough opinion of yourself, and you're not even nice to work with because the low self-esteem manifests into defensiveness, paranoia, whining, constant seeking for other's approval, clinging to those people who have given you positive reinforcement in the past, aimlessness, and a host of other ills.

If someone is looking at the list and checking off what they do and don't have, and select self-esteem as a "don't have," they need to find something that will help them a) raise their self-esteem and b) learn to bolster themselves in times of need. Whether that something turns out to be a support group, cognitive therapy, coaching, self-help books and workshops, or another option, is up to the individual. But the lower your self-esteem, the more you need outside help like a coach or therapist and the less effective an independent pursuit (like reading a self-help book) is going to be.

Steven Harold - Hypnotherapist

I guess there will always be lists and opinions on orders of importance. One item missing on the list possibly is "know thyself"?

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