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April 26, 2006


Andy James

Isn't strange that such moments are much fewer than time we spent in work, thinking about work and possible ways to boost our careers? Sometimes I wonder why people who already reached their career goals, financially secured don't feel enough, leave the playground and "return to innocence". Most of them spend their whole lives running after new goals after reaching the old ones, and so on. Waking up sadly on "What all this was about?" after it's too late to do those little things.

HELLO, my name is Scott

For me, it's all about Thin Mints. But only if they're frozen.

Mark Sicignano

Sitting on a beach with a good book.

Enjoying a good Tanquery & Tonic in front of the stereo with some great music on... eyes closed.

Spending some time letting the kids crawl all over you and just listening to them talk.

Taking a two hour lunch with good friends instead of working through lunch.

Hobbies! Any Hobbies. Who has Hobbies anymore! Not many people that I know. Not even me. I gotta get to work on living more.

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