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February 24, 2006


J Cope

Not to disagree with the idea of doing impossible things, but I believe Bannister himself said in his book that the idea of the impossible sub-4 mile was made up after the fact by sportswriters, and in all the scores of times I've seen that story I have never seen one footnote or actual quote to the effect that someone real thought it was impossible. Have you? John Landy ran a sub-4 45 days after Bannister's first and they raced a few months later and both did it again (Bannister won). But "a ton" of other ones after? I have spent part of today, May 6, 2006, the 52nd anniversary of the event, trying to track down facts and no surprise, the metaphorical tonnage of fiction dwarfs the poundage of fact on the internet, at least it seems that way so far.

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