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January 21, 2006


Hiren Shah

A handsome initiative and a cute experiment. It is said that hobbies are more a measure of a man than profession is. So when you start learning a new activity, you never know where it may lead to. It could be one of the means of finding the right occupation. Otherwise, one can have the satisfaction of having learnt something worthwhile.

For those interested, this is a detailed essay(a link I recently came across) on:-

How to do what you love

The 30minute univ could be a stepping stone towards that- the journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step as the chinese would say.Maybe the small univ can achieve where the bigger universities have failed- finding the right occupation which incidentally is the literal meaning of the word education.


Great post and great ideas. Thanks, also, for turning us on to the Escape Plan.

Janet Auty-Carlisle

Hey Curt, I love this. Something I work on frequently. My latest is guitar and singing. Apparently there are not enough hours in the day for me to get good enough to "hit the tour" life but I am loving my creativity with it. Thanks too for the escape plan's cool. Living la vida fearless, Jan

Ben Marvin

Guy. We need to talk. It's about that facial hair. You need to do something about it. It's not working out for you.

Steve Harold

What a brilliant idea. Short enough to be doable and for little or no procrastination. I will incorporate it in my work. Thank you.

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