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January 03, 2006


stefani quane

Curt, Something about your post sparked me to think about the latest book out by Eckart Toll. He talks about the pain-body. We've all got an etheric pain-body that is accustomed to a particular level of pain. We don't deviate far from that minimum pain standard. It takes focused effort to accustom yourself to a life with less pain. Adjusting this set point takes awareness and then intentionality about resetting your life to accomodate more loveliness, wonder and sweetness.


what a simply wonderful definition of passion. well done.

Hiren Shah

I totally agree with Curt. It is easier to bring about change when other people are involved. It is surprising that there is no support group for job misfits or job prisoners considering the "need outthere" in Curt's words.

Curt has also spoken of numerous coaches. It is a strange coincidence that I too happened to be writing about various trading coaches and how they insisted that trading strategy has to be customised according to invidividual's personality and temprament which shows in our context that one cannot afford to be in the wrong sub occupation as well. Those interested can have a look at my link.
World famous psychiatrist trader Alexander Elder daid that "Trading can make you free". Trading is less stresful operationally and can be a panacea for people in the wrong career till they fing thier calling.

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