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January 13, 2006


Joanna Fletcher

Sucks, doesn't it?! Occupational hazard of coaches. I've noticed that people really, really hate it if I try to relate to them at a developmental level they haven't achieved yet. People get ready for change in their own time. Or, they don't. Sometimes, they never get there. But your passion to share what you know will attract those people who can most benefit from their knowledge. When the teacher is ready, the student will appear!

Thom Quinn

Great Post! Oliver Wendell Holmes once observed, “Most people go to their graves with their music still inside them” and some bloggers will be included in this lot! :) I thought I'd share this tidbit. It is a sentence I wrote in my journal one day to think about my own career (which I have recently left for a totally new direction). I have shared this with several people and they found it a simple, but elegant tool to help clarify their current situation: I am too __________ for my job, but I am too __________ to do anything about it. I believe that everyone, even people with positions they love, should complete that sentence as it provides valuable information about yourself. Try it!


Hiren Shah

I came across an article on meditation which started off like this:-
"Many people cannot concentrate on their work because their mind keeps straying. Others keep worrying about their pet obsessions. These are the vagaries of the mind which prevent you from doing a good job at any given time. At the other end of the spectrum, you find people daydreaming a chain of colorful thoughts. So deeply engrossed are they that they loose awareness of what is going around them". The article goes on to explain how meditation can help in such situations. What is revealed clearly is that too much dreaming can interfere with execution and therefore both have to be in the right proportion. Overdreaming can also interfere with cognitive reasoning which again can mar execution.

I read a book of venture capitalists who said that we fund teams not ideas. They said that anybody could have an idea but it is the ability to take it to its logical conclusion that matters.

Motivational speakers, however play to the gallery when they harp on dreaming big because dreaming hardly requires the kind of skill or effort the way execution does.

Tana Pesso

I'm in such violent agreement on this with you, Curt, that I made your post the featured pick in my new Top10 Sources editorial on Career Change, and I'm likely to leave it there for a week so people will get it through their thick skulls before they end up in that sorry grave that Thom raised as a motivating spectre. So, I join you in this Grrrhhhhh!!!!

Your post at Top10 Sources can be found here:

Curt Rosengren

Excellent! Thanks Tana.

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