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December 16, 2005


Eric Sohn

To paraphrase the old saying, the difference between a groove and a rut is the depth.

There is utility in routine. It provides a certain level of predictability - it's a fine thing when you're executing your current game plan.

The essence of what makes a rut is the ability or the willingness to look outside the well-worn path. If the habit is so ingrained, or the culture so rigid that change is undesired or impossible, well, just might be in a rut (apologies to Jeff Foxworthy).

Curt Rosengren

Excellent point, Eric.

Hiren Shah

These are all attitude related causes but it is not correct to assume always that the person has the wrong attitude. You are also in a rut if you are an extreme job misfit and while reading spiritual and management books and attending motivation seminars may work for sometime, they are certainly no substitues for the real solution but since the real solution is not really available in this moment of space and time, we have to make do with attitude pepups.

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