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December 12, 2005


Mark Sicignano

A wonderful post. I'm one of those people for who the "frustration overcame the uncertainty". I was stuck in a bad situation in my personal and work life all at the same time. It became clear to me that standing still wasn't making anything better. The attempts at trying to improve things incrementally didn't seem to be working either since I was taking one step forward and two steps back most of the time.

17 years ago I was fresh out of college and nothing scared me, but over 15 years, I'd become risk-averse, and fearful of things. I felt overwhelmed with what I felt that I had to learn to kept putting things off. More and more I'd started to put up with obstacles that I used to bound over in my younger days.

I describe what I did next as "jumping out of the airplane with the intention of finding a parachute somewhere on the way down."

I admitted to friends that I had probably lost my mind, but I felt that I was in a crisis situation that would have buried me if I didn't take a big step. I wasn't rash about it. I had thought about my options for six months, and talked to family and friends about it.

There were naysayers that I had to learn to ignore, or stop hanging out with altogether.

My life since then has definately better. I enjoy what I'm doing far more, I've been fearlessly learning all sorts of things and getting better at it, just like Erden and Tim are. It's quite a feeling to be "unstuck" and I feel a bit younger again.

Listen to what Curt, Tim and Erden are saying. You WILL learn by doing. You won't have any regrets either.

Curt Rosengren

Congratulations Mark!

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