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October 20, 2005


Phil Gerbyshak

This is a great point Curt. The more you love something, the easier it is to do. No wonder we're so enthused by that which we love, and so drained by that which we dread doing. Thanks for being you and sharing your love with all of us!


Curt, I was thinking about this on the way home from work today. While others consider me a superstar (and somedays I really do feel the passion), I realize that I don't have to perform "to my best" each and every day to outshine my co-workers. It has drained me just to keep up this "average" life. Thanks for keeping us going and in perspective.

Hiren Shah

This is absolutely true. In our film Industry we have an octogenarian actor, Dev Anand who despite is age is full of beans. On being asked the secret he said," Nothing can give you a high as your own work"
Dale Carnegie has written in "How to stop worrying and start living" that at the end of eight hours it the brain has as many active toxins as in the beginning. It is our emotions that make us tired. Yoga is a good way to be energetic but the wrong occupation for 10 hours will nullify the effect of one hour of yoga in the morning.
Previous conditioning also matters- If you have been in the wrong job and are coming in the right one, then you will feel even more energetic as you will appreciate it more and take it for granted.The great inventor, Thomas Edison sums it up best when he says" I never worked in my life. It was all fun" despite putting in 18 hour workdays.

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