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October 12, 2005



Hello Mr. Rosengren,

Thanks for sharing the simple technique. I am about to give it a try.

Would you mind further sharing how meditation helps you in your career or everyday life?

Curt Rosengren

Ack! Please, call me Curt. ;-)

For me, it's a way to slow my mind (and body) down. When I incorporate meditation into my day on a regular basis, I feel more focused, more clear, and more relaxed. When I feel like that, I can put more of my energy and effort into moving forward, and less into spinning in circles.

Account Deleted

This is something similar to a technique I've been taught to help me coaching. It's all about stillness. One extension which I've always liked is that if you find something pressing, imagine yourself getting up and doing it then returning. After a while I no longer felt compelled to even bother thinking about getting up.

Account Deleted

Curt, would you be able to comment on the appropriateness of a pda version or the paperback? Is this the type of book to always have with you?

Seamus Anthony

Great - this is exactly the kind of thing that many people need to hear. Meditation is a tarnished word in a lot of ways, mention the word to somebody and you can almost see their mental machinery conjuring up their own idea, often misconstrued, of what it means. Doing Nothing or Letting Go are much better terms. Good stuff!

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