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September 22, 2005


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These are great suggestions but I doubt it's possible for everybody to think like a genius since most people are not one.

Hiren Shah

It is said that "Talent can do effortlessly what normal people cannot and genius can do effortlessly what talent cannot". Peter Drucker has said in one of his books also that people who excel at something are rarely able to explain it. George Bernard shaw had said, " Those who can do, else they teach" So I don't know how far it is possible to think like a genius. Every subject is different- All subjects are not pure science and all are not pure art. Where a subject is more of a science than art, this can be attempted. Even if it is does not make you a genius, something is better than nothing and it will improve your observation and analytical skills.


I am reading through the ideas on your blog, and while a few may jumpstart the odd personal spark, many of the ideas are just that. Good ideas on paper, but in the reality of everyday life who on going to walk backwards thru the house? I cant walk forwards sometimes fast enough, etc... so good ieas, but a bit too simplisitc. I was a teacher for 30 years...did playing with magents spark my genius off? I think not! sorry to drag on - you have a great blog with some great reading but keep working on the ideas angle!! I will keep reading thru other sections here though!

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