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August 10, 2005



My dream job(s) are Professor/writer. I would love to be researching/teaching and writing on the side. I am attempting to take the small steps towards change and hopefully live this dream someday. Thanks for your writing; by the way, it's quite inspiring!


Interestingly enough, my dream job would be a university professor. Writing and Teaching appears as items 1 and 2 on the list. The idea of reading/writing/research/teaching intrigues me. As I have returned to university, I hope to make that dream a reality.

Lauren Muney

I may have my dream job(s)... and most of my "duties" are on the dream job lists that adults and children have. I write, design, speak, perform, coach, encourage, teach, have been on national TV, in newspapers, travel, and help people with their physique.

I have wrangled horses, been a stunt person, went to Clown College at the circus, been a fire-eater, traveled throughout the UNited States, had my own show in Las Vegas, coach people on wellness, write articles, taught myself computers....

Now I just need the income to match the adventures.



Curt - I had picked up my copy of Po Bronson's What Should I Do with My Life? and was rereading it this am. Both my heart and I were thinking what a gig Po had!

Personally, I would like to hook up with older folk and ask them about life lessons, their work and growing up. I would then like to share it with others, writing about it on my own terms, and not have to conform to some magazine or publisher.

Matt Langdon

I would be owning my own camp for kids. Running it without focusing on money.


I would love to be a stay at home mom. Not because it's easy, but because I want to spend every moment with my children. Total respect to women who do both, but I want to see the firsts instead of my husband for a change.


I would love to be a wedding planner, knowing that I will be helping someone prepare the most important day of their lives.. getting to know people and how they think. Willing to give my ideas and knowing that their wedding day became a great success because I helped would really boost my self esteem level. I love marriages, and just like any girl have always dreamt of getting married. I enjoy going to weddings, and seeing people happy. This is my dream job.


I would love to be an archaeologist. I think it would be so interesting to find out about how we have advanced and how people lived thousands of years before our time. I would love to work out in the field and not be stuck at some computer, though.


An archaelogist,

Not a job I hear people wanting to do everyday. Though I suppose it would be interesting to find out about the Mayans, Egyptians, etc.

Interesting job choice.



My dream job is to be a Marine Biologist, cuz I just love the ocean and its creatures. Also it's an adventurous job that does not require you to be stuck in a closed room.


I would like to be a singer. not for fame or for money, just I love it!
my boyfriend is a photographer, he enjoys it!!its one of the dream jobs from the top 10 list. he does love it.

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