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August 09, 2005


Flemming Funch

Ha, I'm having the same kinds of issues. It takes some kind of major pole shift to make me remember that it actually is pretty good to not work sometimes, and just sit there, and do low key stuff, and go for a walk. Usually I feel more creative and energized afterwards, and actually get more done, ironically. I was a week in Italy recently, and because of a bad net connection, I ended up spending many hours just sitting looking out over the ocean, doing nothing. I'd never have volunteered for that, but it was great.


I've been battling the same issues lately (not surprising given my my current schedule).

I've started giving myself permission to take a day off a bit more often, and usually after I've met some major goal.


So refreshing to hear about people relaxing and enjoying time away from work, computers, cell phones and all the rest of the harried technologies that go along with it. Whenever I take a vacation i never take my computer for that very reason.

Should you be sitting there hacking away at a computer which you friends, family and nature asks what the heck you are thinking? Enjoy the time off! Take your vacations! No one can give you that time back! The work or passion for work will be there when you get back. Please oh please continue to stress the value of time away from all of these things!


I've been dreaming about sleeping outside. I hope you feel recharged.


It is good to know that even passionate and motivated experts have trouble keeping their motivation up for the daily grind.

Gives a little hope to the rest of us that struggle with this more often than we like.

I also find that a break is great to refresh the mental and emotional batteries. Glad you found your stride again.

Peter Ireland

I moved at the beginning of July. It's a long story, but I ended up without regular access to the Net for about two weeks. Half of this was due to a delay in my DSL hookup and half to spending a week at a remote camp in the mountains.

My point here is that it was wonderfully relaxing being without the umbilical cord to the Net. Life slowed down. I relaxed. I read. I contemplated.

Everyone should unplug themselves from the Net on a regular basis. I may try it one day per week despite running a number of popular sites.

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