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July 16, 2005


Eric Sohn

Beautifully said. We spent the last 9 years acquiring, acquiring and acquiring... and getting nowhere.

Now, we've downsized and are using our money to get what's important: our kids' college funds, and a neighborhood where the kids can be away from the rampant materialism we encountered in CT. We're actually in a place that's significantly cheaper than where we were, but moving to a smaller place has also made us more cognizant of buying just "because we can".

And the funny thing is, I don't miss the "stuff". I miss the space a bit - I get kind of claustrophobic. But, it's about priorities... I only regret it took getting canned to figure that out.

Pauline H

I agree with what you say about spending money buying things doesnt make you happy in the long term but spending your money on people, experiences and generally living better is the better option.

I see people I know who have to have the best car, the most decorated house and they are always striving for something material so I conclude from this that they are continually seeking happiness without ever achieving it, or if so, not for long.

Id rather spend the money I have on traveling and a better lifestyle and have a simple house and car. I am a more rounded person, more open minded and appreciate what is important in life by doing this I feel.


Money can definitely buy you happiness if you spend it correctly, but problems in life will never go away.

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