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June 06, 2005


Nancy Miller

Great discussion! I think everyone should ask what success means, and how will I know if I have found it. We spend too much time accepting the definition of success fed to us by the media, the culture, and accepted belief systems without finding our own definition of success. I have written my story at: I would enjoy hearing your answer to that question on your website (just add my link) or go to

Nancy Miller
LifeWork Design Coach

Hiren Shah

There cannot be any cast-in-stone definition as Curt has correctly pointed out. Further, Curt has given different areas of success implying that overall life balance is desirable. One has to be reasonably successful in all the areas rather than have lopsidedness.
One Australian tycoon's son had a very interesting thing to say in this connection, " If my father had worried more about lifebalance instead of working 20 hours a day, we would not today be having such a business empire and so many people would not be employed and benefitting from it" So the definition of sucess and life balance varies with time and perspective as well.

qinekile hellen

i want to know about being productive and how this would lead to success?

qinekile hellen

i want to know the productive and how this would lead to success?


I am Diana from Costa Rica i think that the word sucess mean something that you expect to do.


I have not found any mystake - great


“Success” is when one masters all of their talents given to them by the Lord at birth. Also, to use these special talents to help and support those in need. I also believe that you have reached success when you create a life where there is actually a meaning to living and worry is not necessary at any time.

Ur Welcome :D

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