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June 10, 2005



I like that view of health as a success criteria. I've been talking with a friend about the ways in which we value different areas of our life, particularly in our orientation to the future. When we are considering the consequences of a choice (especially career-related), we tend to focus on factors like finances, status, location, how it relates to our interests, etc...

We were wondering whether the true measures of value for any activity or decision should be focused more on how it might contribute to our health. So we came up with four facets of health as an experiment: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. I realize you could go round and round debating the merits of these labels, combining and splitting them endlessly...but the point was that we then tried to use those measures on a number of decisions or actions we were anticipating in our futures and found it to be a wonderful exercise.

This isn't revolutionary, but made me think that most decisions could benefit from those four value quesetions about potential effects on our health: How will this action affect my mental health (engagement, intellect, sense of self, identity, mental energy), physical health (stress, strain, sleep, time for exercise), emotional health (relationships, moods, creativity) and spiritual health (which would likely vary widely depending on each individual)?

Sorry, it's an unfinished thought, but I like the concept. Thanks for triggering the thinking...

steven davies

I completely agree with you.Health is a strategic resource.Now I make exercises,eat correctly and that reflect on my work and other things I do.

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