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March 31, 2005


Dale Emery

There's another use for affirmations that I like: Julia Cameron's "blurts" technique from The Artist's Way. The idea is to write a big, bold affirmation -- "I am brilliant, important writer!" Then write down all of the "blurts," the objections that your brain spews in response to the affirmation -- "Oh yeah, then why haven't you finished your book?"

When I've done this, I find that there aren't all that many blurts. Maybe six or so. The blurts are all familiar, which is kinda depressing for a moment. But then as I look at them all in a list, I notice that they're all kinda tired and wimpy. And there ain't a one of 'em that is a good reason not to write, so I shrug 'em off and get on with my writing.

Scott Desgrosseilliers

Affirmations can be tricky. You need to word them very specifically in order to help your manifestation cause! Otherwise you could be inadvertently sabotaging your efforts.

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