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March 04, 2005


David McQueen

Mind Mapping is a brilliant tool. There is a free resource here as well if you need it on your machine.

Am curious though how effective this is as a tool for dealing with procrastination. Sometimes even though I have mapped out stuff I still end up avoiding doing stuff if "I really dont want to do it anyway"

Still working on getting around that. ;)

Curt Rosengren

David, the trick for me is that I have it up on the whiteboard where it's visually nagging me to do it in plain site. I'm trying to build some procrastination buster time into each day, where I focus on the things circled in red. I also remind myself how much not doing those things is distracting me from moving forward with what is important to me. It's far from a perfect system, but it seems to have shaken the dust off momentarily in any case. ;-)

Troy Worman

Excellent post, Curt.

Mind mapping is an excellent tactic for addressing procrastination, but as David points out, if you don't focus, it can turn to doodling.

It has happened to me.

And then I am left with that nagging, guilty thought of not having accomplished as much as I thought I should have.

Avi Solomon

See David Allen on Productivity
Allen's GTD method is great to plug those energy leaks!
Interview with David Allen

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