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January 24, 2005


Chris Corrigan

And the lesson from Open Space is "passion bounded by responsibility." I see those very much and the yin and yang respectively of entrepreneurship (or getting ANYTHING done, for that matter).

Troy Worman

I agree with Chris. Passion must be balanced with discipline (or responsibility).

I have been disappointed by more than one high energy consultant, who was passionate about his work, but ultimately lost my business, because he didn't have the discipline to work within the constraints of the project.

Passion is great and Wow! is cool, but if you don't meet the customer's requirements, ultimately you will fail.

Martin Spernau

passion generates one thing Seth Godin was talking about in a recent post: it makes you CARE. Care is one of the main selling points for anything. Caring for customers, caring for the product. Care takes assion

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