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January 25, 2005


Christopher Bailey

I've used a deck called SoulCards by Deborah Koff-Chapin (there are two editions) not only with myself but with my clients with great success. What I've come to find is that they are terrific tools for helping us shift our perspective and think of things in new ways. It seems very similar to the use of the Tarot cards above.

My wife also received a set of runes for Christmas. We'll often do a spread and its interesting to see what comes about. Like you said, its not fortune telling; they simply offer another way of thinking about what's going on around us.

Mark McElroy

The Soul Cards -- like the OH! Cards, a double deck, providing 88 small picture cards and 88 keyword cards -- make great brainstorming tools.

Tarot may offer some advantages over the more free-form decks:

- Tarot cards are numbered, making it possible to explore the cards (and the ideas you associate with them) in terms of their potential value ("But this idea comes from a six, while that one only comes from a two!") or sequence ("Hey -- these cards have the nmbers four, five, and six ... maybe they're steps in a process!").

- Tarot cards are divided into suits, reminding us to think about all four dimensions of a challenge (specifically, the actions, situation, emotion, and reason involved). The result? When we brainstorm with Tarot cards, we tend to think more holistically.

- Tarot cards feature trumps -- cards assigned extra "weight" when they appear. Trumps can provide a theme for the brainstorming session or remind us to consider factors outside our personal control and explore how they influence the situation.

In a corporate environment, you have to be careful -- superstition makes many people afraid of Tarot cards, and some cards may feature illustrations that are inappropriate in a business setting. But there are easy ways around these obstacles, and the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages!

If you enjoy visual brainstorming ... give Tarot cards a try!


What a cool idea, I think I'd like to give it a try!


Very interesting. Tarot cards (and all 'divination' tools) SHOULD be used
as Mark has suggested. They should'nt be
approached if you have'nt got your feet on the ground - common sense is vital!

Happy to found this page... will check back.

Cheers Tazma

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