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December 23, 2004



Denmark ran a trial some years ago where you were allowed to take a state-paid, one year long hiatus from work. They eventually had to stop it, because people were misusing it / too many were taking the opportunity.

There also was an article about this in LeMonde last summer, where it was proposed as a sollution for Norway (where I hail from) as well. As an alternative to welfare.

As for me, I would move to Goa, India, set up a small studio and spend the year learning music production properly.

Avi Solomon

Early on, I found the exercises in Levine's 'A Year to Live' very clarifying:
A Year to Live
Yes, except for a visit to India am doing what I would have done without financial constraint!


It's great to hear about people who are doing what they really want to.

Many, unfortunately, are not. That's where you step in, Curt! ;-)

But seriously, we only get one kick at the can, so we might was well make it a good kick. Travel seems to be the thing that most people who responded to my post would like to do. That applies to me too, although there are some other things I'd like to do that would go towards making the rest of my life easier and better.

The thing that a lot of people don't realize (I think) is that things like travel can be incorporated into your normal life -- you don't have to wait for some kind of mythical "free year" (because few of us ever get one).

I was hoping that my post would provoke people into thinking about what they really want to do, and that some of them would take that thinking beyond my little exercise and try to find ways to make it happen. (That's what I'm hoping to do...)

Mary Beth Goodman

Would you go back to school to reorient your career?

ooooooh that would be tempting. And since the money offered in the Monkey Grant is so good, I'd be ever so tempted to accept gratefully and with enthusiasm. Yes on school. The leftover would support me sufficiently that I could also continue working on my own work during the year. Could I pay for year two in advance?

Maybe for many people $60K wouldn't seem like much, but for me it would be an overwhelming amount. The possibilities boggle my head.

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