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December 31, 2004


Marc Orchant

Curt: What a great New Year's resolution! Here's hoping 2005 sees a few of all of our dreams come true.

Avi Solomon

Laurens van Der Post:
'My grandfather always read to me out of the Bible when I stayed with him. I remember Jacob's dream, Joseph's dreams, and other dreams in the Bible, and the important role they played. One knew as a child that one was experiencing the importance of one's dreams all the time. I have never forgotten it. He read out, "When Joseph had a dream . . they hated him for it."
Jung and Freud drew attention to dreaming in modern people, telling them that (there are things) they'd forgotten, and telling them they must take a dream (as an) important event. And they were hated for it. And they're still hated for it--particularly Jung. A dream is true, and a dream is the instrument of creative change.'


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