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November 18, 2004


Rebecca Thomas

I grew up using the edges of my notebooks in school for this kind of practice. I finally gave up margins for a dedicated notebook. The notebook now shares the job with Outlook or secured post on LiveJournal or Plogs

My to-do lists are as much my thinking on some topic as they are actual to-do lists, plus they're organized and ready for a due date if I ever decide to actually put the thought into motion.

Great article!


I just recently decided to use to draft quick ideas and "release them into the wild." I had so many little notes and sketches in so many places. Now, I can jot a quick idea on my sidekick and get it out there. No matter how simple or bizarre the idea, it's important for you to write it down somewhere in hopes it will snowball into something bigger (or something that makes sense!).

Stephan F

I use a PAA (personal analog assistant) just a stack of 3x5 cards held together with a binder clip, for recording ideas on the road.

I have been thinking about a voice recorder of some kind for times when I am driving the car and writing anything down while on the Interstate is not a good idea.

Curt Rosengren

Ha! PAA. I love it! ;-)

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