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October 08, 2004



Thank God!

I've been struggling with money v. happiness and "What do I want out of life?" questions for some time and got a load of negative feedback from my own blog here (

Glad to know I'm not on my own.



i m 27 almost 28 now i star to study eally hard...can u point me a direction whchi i can follow to get my approval oh psychologist,,,,,,,,,thank u and tell me how much u make every month to decide should i keep going on this road,thanku

Mike Steele

We live in a world where most of the people on the planet live on less than five dollars per day. It is natural --- but in a way obscene --- to say than one needs more than $100 per day to be "comfortable". I know of no way out of this predicament, but it should make all of us "uncomfortable."


I'm 45 yrs old, my house is paid for, my car is paid for, my husband makes reasonably good money. I want to chuck my current job to become a home health aide to help seniors. I have always loved old people. Money doesn't mean that much to me. My happiness comes from making others happy.

Barbara Saunders

The studies delinking money with happiness leave out a big, white elephant -- how a person earns her living. Without getting too personal, I earn above the $40,000 threshold but am by no means rich. What I currently do to bring in my income is to drag myself to a nine-to-five job. I am quite aware that my attempts to increase my income are really connected to the goal of increasing it to provide the cushion that will enable me temporarily to take off the time to establish some other way of making a living. (Yes, I am also working on that goal now in my spare time!) I could live happily on my current income, continuing not to have the stuff that I covet but don't have, if I could just spend my time in a more productive and less hurried way.

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