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October 27, 2004



Garth had a comment about this to one of your recent posts, and I thought it was interesting:

"I'm not sure our jobs or lives are about happiness - the pursuit of happiness to me seems somewhat empty. Happiness is mere emotion - something that changes like the season. I love what I do, I love to teach but it doesn't always make me happy, in fact it sometimes makes me angry. A better or perhaps more accurate pursuit would be finding a purpose or meaning to your life."

My take on this depends on my mental space. When I'm energized and optimistic, I believe in the possibility of work that really fires me up. In the down (or neutral) times, work satisfaction seems like a worthy goal and passionate work feels like a pipe dream. That said, I appreciate this call to pursue work that fires us's probably wise to keep the faith.


On the other hand, you don't want employees who are manic and who might have incredible productive highs followed by long lows. They are hard to direct and disruptive.


note to my employer: if your people don't even get to "satisfied" on your internal surveys, you're never going to make Curt happy ;-)

Curt Rosengren

Jeremy, you're right. That was a great observation from Garth. Thanks for pointing to it.

David, I'm curious what prompted you to tie passionate employees in with the risk of manic employees.

Steven...and after all, making Curt happy IS what it's all about, isn't it? ;-)~


I came here just to make a comment, but pardon the interruption while I say "here, here!" to this post. Give me the passion any day of the week, and I'll happily work every day of it. For fun. Because it rocks me. And therefore, I'd like to think, 'your' bototm line.

Which is a neat little seque to my saying Thank You for this site. I went through months of a job full of drudgery, miserable every day. I knew I had to escape or be eaten alive by the...dissatisfaction of it all. Your site inspired me, gave me hope and ideas, and lit a fire under me to search for what I really wanted. Guess what? I found it.

I love what you're doing here. Even though I've cycled through my 'blue period', I continue to visit all those same reasons.

So. Thanks, Curt. Sincerely.


passion & employee used in the same sentence? whoa...interesting :P

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