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August 30, 2004



The Canadian government has some great tools for assessing these kinds of things, although their learning styles assessment doesn't seem to be working for me today.


I scored 9 on both Verbal/linguistic and Intrapersonal. I scored 0 on Naturalist, and 1 on Bodily/Kinesthetic. No surprises there!

I seem to have genius intrapersonal

Jennifer Warwick

Very cool tool. I'm split, too - I have a 6, 7, 8 and 9...and a 1, two 2's and a 3. Guess I know where to do my homework. :-)

improve IQ

Hmmm... I got a different result this week, not sure why, it must be because I'm feeling more out going this week.

PS.I like the test

Eric Tateosian

Consider Gardner’s ideas of 8½ multiple intelligences. How do you think they relate to Miller’s ideas of soulful learning? If so, in what way?


sorry for posting so late.

me... intrapersonal, logical, and musical.


wow...i feel like Sensui of Yuyu many split personalities!
im like a genius with Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence...also well done with Visual/Spatial Intelligence...these two are like describing myself. then also Naturalist Intelligence...i love nature...
im also into Intrapersonal Intelligence...i usually keep to myself...just like my boyfriend Winsly im kinda developing allergic reactions to crowds...must be getting a bit into Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence too...hmmm...i think i just lost myself along the way...

Ohmigosh, WHO AM I?!

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