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July 01, 2004



the idea of setting process goals is very true, very recently i was playing a game of squash with a new friend and was getting frustrated not able to control the game, i started off with a big loosing streak but as i started setting small process goals not caring for the end result i started to get back into the game.

i believe there is one more thing to all this and that is to enjoy the moment. Just smile to yourself as you go though it, i really dont know if it boosts your confidence or it just make you feel good over the whole thing, but feeling good about what you are doing , irrespective of the end result will carry you all the way.


its a fine article which shows importance of process rather than the goal itself. As an indian, I know how important it is to do your actions right and the result will take care if itself. Our religious leaders have always propogated the philosophy of KARMA ( that is action). They say dont worry about the outcome as far as you are doing the right thing.

The idea of visualising yourself as you are in terms of what you want to be is a great tool for sucess.

This is really a valuable insight on Goal setting and goal achieving.


Process and goal are the same thing. They dependent on each other. Ciao

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