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May 07, 2004


Martin Spernau

Tarot is a very nice way... although it has this 'esoteric' touch to it that might stop some people... I've found the 'Oblique Strategies' by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt very usefull. Originally a card dek, the text is availeable online and I have built a 'random quote' feature for my blog out of it (find it in my right sidebar under



I think Tarot is a wonderful way to see things from a new perspective. It isn't even necessary to believe that there is some sort of "magic" involved, if you look at the images on the cards and try to see your problem or questions in terms of those symbols, you may be surprised what revelations come out of it.

There are a bunch of wonderful decks out there. If the idea of using it as a tool is appealing, don't stop at just the rider-waite which is very christian/western/male oriented.


For more on this, see the book "Putting the Tarot to Work" by Mark McElroy. (Amazon carries it.)

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