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April 06, 2004


John Moore

Curt: Seth had the same effect on me!


I really appreciate The Occupational Adventure. I first stumbled in here when I was looking for a career worth getting excited about, but continue to come back for your positive take on the importance of finding (and doing) work you love. Hope the mention in Seth's book brings you further success.



Nice post Curt--

Seems to be a thread here cuz I was quite flattered too. Now I'm just wondering what kind of Cereal?

Avi Solomon

Here's a quote from Seligman's talk:)

"In the gratitude visit you think of someone in your life who made an enormous positive difference, who's still alive, whom you never properly thanked. You've got such a person? It's important to be able to do that, by the way, since empirically the amount of gratitude is related to baseline levels of happiness. The less gratitude you have in life the more unhappy you are, interestingly.

If you were going to make a gratitude visit, you do the following: First you'd write a 300-word testimonial to that person; concrete, well-written, telling the story of what they did, how it made a difference, and where you are in life now as a result. Then you'd call him up and say, "I want to come visit you." And he'd ask you why, and you'd say, "I don't want to tell you. It's a surprise." And you'd show up at his door, sit down, and read the testimonial — it turns out everyone weeps when this happens — and then a week later, a month later, three months later, and a year later, we give you the battery of tests, and ask the question relative to placebo controls, "Are you happier? Are you less depressed?" It turns out the gratitude visit is one of the exercises which, to my surprise, makes people lastingly less depressed and happier than the placebo."

lori richardson

Curt, your blog has been inspirational to me. I am sure I don't tell you enough. Please keep up the great job. I appreciate the quality of what you put in your blog, and the questions and thoughts that arise when reading.

Although I know you personally, I'd rate your blog as one of the best reads in blogdom. You can't come away without some intraspection.

Your blog also represents one of the few tangible benefits of our investment of time and energy in the local CoF - so that is also great.

David St Lawrence

I'm glad that you are inspired and spiritually refreshed by others. It is totally fitting, as you never fail to be a source of inspiration when I visit.

Keep on blogging. It's good for your environment.

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