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April 15, 2004



Just reading this and seeing my very strong reaction made me discover a very stzrong passion that I have - but would never have consciously acknowleged... To make an impact...


Julie Hubert


Thank you for the inspiring observation and your post. It helps me with a current decision! Making a difference is an important part of life!

Col Behl

Dear Sir, It is for 4 years now, I have been attempting to make a diffirence. There have been moments when it made me feel some satisfaction that in my small way I have made some diffirence; to a sick, some where; served some to get some Prescription Drugs which locally were unaffordable. You certainly are doing a very wonderful work. With kids it is definately very satisfing. Please keep on with your excellent work. Best luck, God bless & regards, Col Behl

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