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April 13, 2004


Evelyn Rodriguez

Great topic. The "Inner Critic"/monkey mind is different from Von Oech's Judge. The use of the word "Judge" is a little overloaded in meaning.

The "monkey mind", if you observe it, is pretty incessant. This chatter voice is attacking in nature and essentially hijacks your mind. Some wisdom traditions also call it the Ego (not exactly psychology's ego). (Ken Wilbur's "No Boundary" describes Ego well.)

"The voice in your head is like a wild horse taking you wherever it wants to go. Once you tame the horse, you can ride the horse, and knowledge becomes a tool for communication that takes you where you want to go." - Miguel Ruiz, "The Voice of Knowledge"

Von Oech's Judge is different in nature and comes from another voice -- which is capable of discernment, refinement, extension or letting go of an idea -- but doesn't have that edge of hatred towards yourself or anyone, but rather comes from an reservoir of inner peace.

How you tame this 'wild horse' is definitely beyond the scope of this comment! But I do have resources and practices I could recommend and share.


How an individual settles into a new opinion

By William James, 1842-1910

I have two things pinned on my bulletin board that never come down: A fortune from a cookie that reads "Never wear your best pants when you go to fight for freedom." The other is the above linked article--one page, lots of white space--vital for anyone in the change business.

Nice find Curt.

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