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March 26, 2004



How about "is there a different way to do what I am doing, and what would happen if I did it that way?" This might help get out of the think-rut and add some creativity that could spread to other areas.


If I didn't have to make money, what would I do instead?
If I won the lottery, where would I live and what would I do?
At the happiest point of my life, what was I doing? Why did it make me so happy?


The book "Cosmic Trigger" by Robert Anton Wilson is not only fun, it's a great way to begin seeing your own reality tunnels and how to break out of them.


I have always felt that questions is the key to a great idea and is the more difficult one compared to coming up with an idea. Just the ability to frame a good question would allow one to unlock the creative talent to come up with good solutions. But from experience, culture plays an important role in determining the expectations and reactions of questions asked...


Is there a possibility you can tell the future and is so answer this : will I make ti to university when I get older! Without doing bad

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