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February 18, 2004



I think I'm a "Creative Production" and "Influence Through Language and Ideas" person. Maybe one of those "Theory Development" people too. Interesting.

In my mother's work with the Myers-Briggs test as a counselor she says that if you use language specific to the "type" of person you are addressing, they are much more likely to understand what you're talking about. I wonder if these "life interests" are similar in that if you figure out what movivates someone, you can speak to them in that language, using those metaphors.

Retro Girl

My three:
Creative Production
Enterprise Control
Application of Technology

My answers kind of surprised me a little bit; especially the Application of Technology. Hmmm...



Kennedy Masanga

I somehow agree with your analysis of what motivates people. I tend to gravitate around Theory Development and Conceptual Thinking, Creative Production, Managing people and relationships & finally Enterprise Control. Of late I have been developing my critical thinking bit which is related to Influence through language and Ideas.

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