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February 23, 2004


Avi Solomon

Dear Curt,
Great post. My teacher says that "massive effort" means taking small but regular steps along the way rather than climbing Mount Everest all at once.
Have you read Richard Wiseman's 'The Luck Factor'?
Luck Factor


Instead of trying to take a huge plunge and
do something for which I didn't feel ready,
I asked myself, well what can I do? I kept
scaling it back in my mind until I reach
something that I did feel prepared for.
Informal roundtables.

Hm, that's a really useful way to approach it.

I had thought of baby steps as dividing the problem
into logical substeps, but hadn't considered comfort
as a factor. From there you grit your teeth and
plow through it. Needless to say I haven't started a list.

But in this approach, suddenly it's a list of small
Can Dos instead of Ought Tos, and all the resistance
goes away.

Very handy.

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