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January 27, 2004



Perhaps you have covered this already, but how does one deal with the loss of interest in the day job when starting out on this new moonlighting adventure? Is there a trick to continuing to perform at peak potential in the job you are hoping to leave one day?

Martin Roell

When I wanted to start my own business and quit my job, I found it impossible for me to keep motivated in my day job. I knew that I needed to quit first and *then* build my business. Of course that was much more risky than starting while still being employed, but for me this was the only way that I could have done it. When I work on something, I need to do it fullheartedly - building my own business while still being employed would have felt disloyal to me.

When people ask me if they should keep their job while starting up a small business, like Curt, I often encourage them to do so. But I am not sure it works for everyone. (And I am afraid I have no answer to your question, Alicia!)


I suspect I may have an unusual or extreme situation with my "day job." I really can't afford to drop it at the moment, either. Financially anyway. Emotionally and spiritually I possibly can't afford *not* to drop it. You make a really good point, Martin. I wonder if the apathy of the day job is seeping into other aspects of my life and keeping me from diving in to something more fulfilling. I know I have a fear of taking risks and of making what I perceive to be permanent decisions. This may be a deeper issue than I thought.

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