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January 01, 2004


John Moore

Hi Curt

First, thanks for keeping up such a good blog, it's always a high priority in my reading.

I think these resources on Goal setting will hit the mark for lots of people. I would "yes, and" (and I guess you might too) that others may need to focus differently.

Was it you or someone else who drew my attention to this article on Goal vs River people? I realise that I am often more River than Goals, and all these pieces championing goal-setting make me anxious... The article suggests that Goal setting will work really well for some but no so well for others... your other postings eg on whether your current life is fulfilling strike me as more River-orientated. I like that you cater for both markets!

Michael the Goal Setting Dude

Curt, you seems to be a professional Goal Coach. If you are interested in my website, please let me know. Its about tracking your goal online.

If you have any suggestion, please get in contact with me.
Thanks, Michael


Hey Michael, what cool site you have! Thanks for the link. I am going to set up one of my goals in the near future!

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