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November 05, 2003



1) Please keep up the great work.
2) I stumbled across your blog at just the right time (thanks Fast Company!) Having experienced career 'unfulfillment' followed by a 'wrong turn' I have really enjoyed reviewing the posts here. You have pointed me to some thought provoking resources, and I feel like I am better equipped to find a career that gets me juiced!
3) Thanks for the reciprocity!

Paul Goodison

Curt - I'm enjoying the postings. Its not something I look for specifically so its good to come here and read the articles. Particularly like pieces which offer generic advice on making the change towards a career which allows you to be passionate.

Maybe some articles / postings about useful exercises to consider your current state and ways forward would be good?

john cass

I think I have a better understanding of you from reading your blog. The value you can provide to people. Here I have a question for you. I have found my blog to be a great learning tool. A place to discover new ideas by reading other blogs. What did you discover about blogging that you did not know when you started this whole enterprise?


Yours is a strong new voice in weblogs and is a good example of practicing what you preach.
You have been writing this only since October, but you entered the field running and are smoothly accellerating.
Wishing you continued success in igniting other's passions for their work.
I am adding you to my lists of favorite blogs.

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