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October 29, 2003


Avi Solomon

I find Jack Zufelt's 'Core Desire' Questions very helpful:)

"To discover YOUR Core Desires you must pay very close attention to the TRUE feelings you experience as you ask yourself two basic questions.

The first question gets you started (but the first answer
people give is rarely accurate):
"What would I like to have that I don't currently have?"

The second question is the drill:
"If I had that what would that give me that I don't have?"

Keep asking yourself that after each answer until you
hit pay dirt."

Michael Pokocky

The Question "Why" is an illusion. There are many other illusions, but for this moment let's focus on "Why."

"Why" is just a word, and Don't Trust words. Words are just that--words.

The real question is no question at all. Theres only the experience of the world around you and within you. You have a choice on how you want to experience the world. The better able you are to let go of all things and just "Be", then you are better able to experience life. It is only through the realization that "Why" is an illusion, because it's only a word, that the true experience of life is realized.

P.S. There's only one answer to the question "Why", and that is to enjoy ourselves, help others enjoy themselves, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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