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February 19, 2007



This is just plain weird, Curt. I was thinking about exactly this idea the other day. I was wondering why it seems we focus so much on entertainment and sports "heroes," while the people on the ground that truly impact people's lives go largely unnoticed. I was thinking that some kind of "local heroes network" could help to publicize a community's real difference-makers, and give the kids and everyone real people to admire, appreciate and inspire. I wonder how it could be done. Or is it happening and I'm missing it? In either case, I have to answer "I don't know" to your question. Not long ago, I would have given you a sports star. Now, I'd probably look for a local policy maker, social worker, small business owner, service-person or the like....

Curt Rosengren

Sounds like that question might be a good one to ponder, Jeremy.

Once we start to think about something like that, we start noticing things (kind of like when you're shopping for a car and you start noticing cars). And when we start noticing, we start actually seeing more of the people doing positive things out in the world. And when we notice more of that, our view of the world starts to shift. And when our view of the world starts to shift, we put more of that kind of energy out there ourselves.

Funny what potential a little question has, isn't it?

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